Customs clearance and certification

customs_clearans.jpg Customs services in company FECIT UNITED LLC is a guarantee of quality and efficiency. We have many years’ experience of successful job and customs registration of cargoes despite constant changes in the legislation. Working with us you can be assured, that we will find the best decision for you and realize it in minimum terms.

 Our company can offer you following customs services:

  • Services of the customs broker;
  • Customs clearing of cargo;
  • Declaring of all kinds of cargoes, which are delivered by automobile, railway and sea transport;
  • Accreditation of subjects of foreign trade activities in regional custom;
  • Consultations about the customs legislation of Ukraine;
  • Viewing of tariff (rates, customs duties, other fees and payments) and not tariff (regulations, permissions, licenses and other restrictions) adjustment;
  • Full calculation of necessary customs payments, formation of the customs costs, including the condition of delivery and transport and/or insurance expenses;
  • Viewing of the commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities and receiving of the full inquiry about goods;
  • Forwarding in the ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk.

 If you want receive more detailed information of the cost of customs broker service you can make an inquiry on-line directly on the site or to contact with us by e-mail or phone numbers given below.

If you wish to find out of the best solution for your shipment, we will always be glad to help You!



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